Andy Hartwell, Substrakt – Cultural Entrepreneurship Case Study

Andy Hartwell is Managing Director of Substrakt Ltd, a branding and design agency located in Birmingham (UK). Here, Andy shares his experiences and lessons from setting up a creative business from scratch, and growing it into a successful agency.
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2 thoughts on “Andy Hartwell, Substrakt – Cultural Entrepreneurship Case Study

  1. I think it is important to recognise what motivates you in an endeavour, for Andy its new ideas and meeting people. Also, the process of expansion and development is inevitable in a growing business which means more people; staff, clients, networks

  2. I would like to agree with the motivation statement mentioned above, as motivation seems to be the main key to success. In my opinion, team work (as this company started) is undoubtedly one of the most important values that the company is based on. Of course, contacts and business skills are ingredients that should be taken into consideration!

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