Radiotherapy student researcher: Shaun James

As a second year radiotherapy student the past year I have had just over a year to become accustomed to life both clinically and at university. Whilst I always wanted to study a health based course I never realised the full nature of what was expected of a health professional, however after a year of clinical practice I am over 100% sure that I’m following the correct career path for myself. Most of what I love about my chosen career comes from patient interaction, the backbone of our work, as well as being able to use some of the most technically advanced machines in the modern NHS.

Outside of Radiotherapy, I have a keen interest in sports, having played basketball at national league level as well as representing teams in rugby, football, hockey and athletics. This aspect of team play really helped me transition well into working as part of a multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals when within the clinical environment.  I also have an interest in writing and currently run my own blog and enjoy photography as well as going to concerts and musicals. Added to this I am a keen skier having visited Austria for 6 years consecutively and relish the time when I can return to the slopes (once I’m no longer a financially unstable student)! I look forward however, to visiting Canada as part of a BCU lead elective to the QEII hospital in Nova Scotia later this summer, with a view to seeing how radiotherapy is delivered on a global scale.

Taking part in this student researcher project is greatly interesting to me as it not only gives me scope to reflect on my own learning but also observe the way in which the content is delivered. I believe that an clear understanding of how students learn in higher education is of great benefit as the content delivered is so different in volume and difficulty as compared to other avenues of study and I do not feel that as a student one is ever fully prepared During my time working as on the peer assisted support scheme (PASS), myself and another student had to deliver sessions and content to first year students, and this scheme will give me the tools to improve my own teaching skills. Also working in close partnership with the lecturers helps build a more cohesive working relationship which going into the final year of the course, with dissertations in mind, is of great importance.

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