Observation training

These training resources were created specifically to prepare staff and student participants to undertake observations as part of the project. The training is divided into two parts.

The first part of the training focuses on the ‘thinking’ about observation, through a series of awareness raising activities, participants are required to reflect on their understanding of the processes of teaching and learning, along with the role that observation has to play in illuminating understanding of these processes.

The second part of the training switches its focus to the ‘doing’ of observation. Through a series of practical tasks, participants are immersed into the role of observers and observees and required to put into practice some of the skills discussed in part one. In doing so, they are also asked to engage in a range of discursive tasks. The second part also covers the logistics of the project’s observation cycle, the different stages, the responsibilities and expectations of all involved.

Collaborative observation staff training

Collaborative observation student researcher training

These resources are free to use but if you wish to do so, please ensure that you seek permission in the first instance from the original creators i.e. Dr Matt O’Leary and Dr Vanessa Cui from Birmingham City University and that you acknowledge them accordingly.