Early Childhood Studies student researcher: Roxana Anton

Roxana Anton Profile PhotoBeing a learner was for me a life style since I have actually started to learn. I have always considered myself more like an individual learner, I have always enjoyed learning on my own due to the fact that I was the only child and I have focused my attention on my education by my own. During my time in primary school I have learned to be responsible and independent due to the fact that I was doing my homework alone. This skills have strengthen during secondary school and high-school where I have asked for help only when I felt I could not do it alone.

Day by day I have realised that you learn from every experience you are put through. For instance, you learn without realising when you are reading a book, and there were many times that I have learned life concepts from books.

My actual academic learning journey has started when I have decided to do my studies in England, that was the moment I had realised my English will improve and my communication skills need to be developed in order to be used effectively in the future. Past experiences such as being volunteer in a children centre in Romania has improved my skills in working with children and in communicating effectively with them. But it was more than that that needed improvements, it was my confidence in communicating in another language than Romanian. In order to achieve that kind of performance I had to form relationships with my peers, the kind of relationships that strengthen trust and self-confidence. During university until now I created a strong idea about the fact that I am an independent learner. I like to do my work alone, to read alone. But the truth is that sometimes I feel the need of having a company.

Roxana Anton - 'Building an independent learner'

Roxana Anton – ‘Building an independent learner’

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