Early Childhood Studies student researcher: Burhana Khanum

Seeking knowledge and learning was always a key aspect in my life. It will always remain this way, because one can never have enough knowledge. Whether it is learning a basic skill or even working towards a degree level, education and learning is taking place at all times. This is something which I find exciting because it keeps me thinking and makes me realise the power of education and the huge potentials one can reach from it. For me, learning is something which is very valuable because it unlocks doors and inspires individuals to try new things and do what they enjoy most.

It is immensely overwhelming looking back from the level I have reached so far, in my education and I will always be grateful for this opportunity. I will continue to work hard. However, to get to this stage I have been through good and bad experiences, both from which I have learnt from. These experiences are always reflected upon, as sometimes it is necessary to think about in order for me to make certain decisions today. Throughout this journey my family played a significant role in helping me get to this point in life.

My family members have always shown love and supported every choice I made, which motivated me to reach my goals and aspirations even more. Whether it was stressful or frightening my family always gave advices, taking my interests into consideration at all times. During college I found it very hard and stressful to choose a subject to study at university. My family visited open days with me and showed a lot of support which made me confident and reassured me with the decisions I made. I chose the subject in confidence and now I am very glad and thankful. One key aspect which stands out was the amount of love which was visible from my parents, it was astonishing. It is something which has grown within me making me more appreciative towards education, learning and people. Love is essential in every individual’s life because it opens minds and more can be achieved. This shows that learning does not always have to start off with academic education. It can be simple, essential skills and characteristics within a household/family.

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