Early Childhood Studies staff: Zoe Lewis

Zoe Lewis Profile Photo

As a mature undergraduate student, my own experiences of teaching and learning were very different to those of my fellow students. As a result, I understand the need to balance home commitments with the demands of further study and the role that confidence and self-belief play in our ability to learn, but I also feel that I had the opportunity to really engage in the course and immerse myself in my subject in ways that I might not have done as an eighteen-year-old. I have found a love of learning that has underpinned my career as an early years teacher and led me to continue with my own postgraduate study. This love of learning is something that I hope to develop in my own students and in each session that I teach, I aim to nurture independence, resilience and a sense of professionalism that is so important in early years work.  I think that personal reflection is the most important method of professional learning and when there is an opportunity to share this reflection with a team of colleagues there is real potential to bring about positive change in the lives of students, young children and their families.

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