Child nursing student Stacy Rogers Cycle 2 observation reflection

For cycle 2 we were asked to look more at our own learning, and how this is enhanced by the lecturers teaching.

We first had a meeting with the lecturers to discuss which part of the lesson they would like us to observe and concentrate on.

Natalie’s lecture was around assisted conception, and the impact and implications this may have on people, we were asked to assess our learning and observe the lesson after a video, and to see if it raised an awareness for us, and if it did not why not.

During the session, the room was cold and there seemed to be a lot of chatter at times, which I found distracting and off putting and unable to concentrate properly when this was happening. The lecture itself consisted of power point, video’s and the lecturer talking, normally for me this type of session I find hard to follow and take in all the information, but due to the nature of the topic and the powerful message being portrayed especially through the video’s I was more willing to listen and it held my interest. I did find for my learning that the session did not have as much group work and interaction as I like, but during the session the lecturer used good humour to help with a very sensitive area, making the realisation that you do not always know what others are going through, and to not make flippant comments, as they could easily offend, and felt that this thinking could also be taken to practise and used in other situations.

For Ilana’s lecture we were looking at sepsis, this was done in a small group and a board game was used for the lesson. We were asked to play the game and document any ‘wow’ moments we may have.

Before going into this lecture, I was nervous as knew we were a small group and was worried that I didn’t have enough knowledge to be able to play the game and answer the questions, and being in a small group I would not be able to blend into the background, and I was also nervous about having the lecturer in such proximity. Once we started playing, I very quickly realised I did have some knowledge and needed to believe in myself more, and due to working with the lecturer as my partner, this pushed me to try to answer the questions before the lecturer as best as I could out of my comfort zone, as I felt she would know the answers, but during this session I realised that not everyone knows everything and we all learnt new things during the game. During the session, my ‘wow’ moments included finding out the severity of sepsis, and the importance of fluid balance in relation to it. Also during the session, I realised that I learn more and engage more when in groups, and I work well when discussing with others, as this either reinforces my knowledge or adds to it, from this session I now feel more confident in myself and feel I can speak out when asked a question and it is ok to be wrong, but learn from it.

Through both sessions I found my learning style could adapt to each situation, but feel I’m more comfortable during group work and discussions especially with my own friends group – it encourages me to answer and give my views more whereas in a larger group I worry about getting an answer incorrect. Through this process I know that I learn more through doing, which became more evident during Ilana’s session. During all this I have also learnt I need to have more confidence in my own knowledge and that it is ok to be wrong, it is all part of a learning process.

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