Child nursing student researcher: Aneesa Bibi

Coming from a previous degree in nutrition and a previous employer from the Birmingham Children’s hospital I have become very interested in learning and teaching. When I started studying and working in the health sector I instantly knew I was in the right field of work for myself. I have always been a caring and compassionate person and being able to do that daily makes me happy. I understand there are many challenges in healthcare but my passion to become a children’s nurse helps me overcome these challenges in various ways and inspires me to find a solution for each issue, which is partly why I have joined the HEFCE project, to make a change.

My first year of child nursing has been quite an experience. When I came back into education I was quite worried about how I would pass exams as I mostly did assignments in my previous education journey. I got guidance from a few different departments within university and have managed to pass all my first year. This experience has given me more confidence for my second year and encouraged me to remain focussed in theoretical work as well as practical.

From previous experiences I have realised I am an interactive learner and enjoy colour and mind maps to retain information. I also enjoy practical work as when I am doing something it stays with me opposed to sitting and listening text. I used to barrier myself from learning by thinking something didn’t work for me, for example; the environment, my seating, style of teaching or assessment criteria such as exams. However, I have managed to go into the learning environment with a clear mind frame, willing to try new learning and understanding techniques.

Becoming part of this HEFCE project has encouraged me to think about my learning style and what works well when in the learning environment. To date, I have had 2 meetings with Vanesa Cui. The first was an initial introduction to what this project entailed and what my role as a student observer would be. This opportunity caught my attention as I am eager to make changes for the better and look forward to working closely with lecturers. The second meeting was joint with my student observer partner, discussing what will happen and a more in-depth approach into the observation and what is expected of us.

I am excited to start this observation and feel I am supported if necessary. This opportunity will help me gain an insight into a lecturer’s work as well as student observation which will gradually gain me transferable skills to help strengthen my nursing studies and give me more confidence.

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