Child nursing student researcher: Amina Abdulkhadir

I am 20 and originally from Somalia.  We moved to the UK when I was only 3 years old.  I can speak three languages fluently and I am stuck somewhere between British, African and Asian culture.  I completed my GCSE’s and attended college where I did BTEC applied sciences.  I decided to become a children’s nurse because I like children and I worked in a nursery and a GP surgery, so I knew that I like the concept of care.  Children’s nursing was a natural choice.  One of my passions are travelling all over the world especially America.  Whilst travelling and seeing the different parts of the world I also noticed the different children, the suffering and the help I could offer them once qualified.  This has inspired me to want to become an outreach nurse and travel the world helping children everywhere.

Firstly, to reach my dream I need to qualify as a nurse.  University has been hard so far because it is socially very different, new friend, new teachers, new environment and the amount of work that is expected from us was shocking.  Especially managing all of this and a part time job.  Lecturers use different teaching methods.  I believe that I learn best by reading and then making notes.  Teaching style that suites me best will be question and answer type of sessions.  I believe this is the only way I learn, and by learning I am working towards reaching my dream of helping the children.

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