Child Nursing staff: Ilana Pressick

Ilana Pressick Profile PhotoAs a Teaching Fellow within the Department for Children and Young People’s Health, I am passionate about the student learning experience.  I feel privileged to have joined this amazing team at Birmingham City University in 2016.  Working at BCU feels like ‘coming home’ due to the fact that I graduated here in 2009.   Having worked in different intensive care settings over the years has resulted in me being a competent nurse, able to plan and prioritise care and demonstrate advanced clinical skills.  Since qualifying I have never stopped learning.  I have done numerous post graduate courses ranging from the SLAIP course, to the Neonatal Intensive Course and most recently the Post-Graduate Certification in Higher Education.

Historically as a student I was that student, the one whom fell asleep in the back of the classroom.  I would attend a session or two and if I found the lecturer indifferent, reading from the PowerPoint and not inspiring me I would resort to auto-didacticism.  The traditional model of teaching whereby the teacher deposits knowledge into the minds of students was not a model I ever aspired to.  My inspiration is a result of those lecturers who spoke to me and not at me, the ones who adopted a student-centred approach.  Their sessions did not solely rely on PowerPoint but they took an alternative approach, challenging me and engaging me, coaching me through my higher education.

I believe in a teaching approach that turns students into active participants rather than passive listeners.  I favour certain pedagogical philosophies but I think as educators we switch between philosophies in order to deliver the required educational session depending on the student dynamics and needs.  I strive to ensure that students feel in control of their learning and confident within my classroom.  I seize every opportunity to add variety to teaching and learning methods and I am not affair to try new things.  After all life is about taking chances, trying new things, having fun, making mistakes and learning from them.  It is a privilege to be with students as they begin their journey to join our challenging, exciting and varied nursing profession.

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