Primary Education student researcher: Charlotte Ralph

Having always been a learner who prefers to work alone, my educational experiences have somewhat been a challenge for me at times when group work has often been a favourable method of teaching. However, my experiences of achieving grade eight in a duologue acting qualification that I undertook throughout the whole of my high school career has been something that I would identify as having a major impact on my educational identity. For not only did my confidence grow, to the extent in which I thoroughly enjoy speaking in front of a large audience, but to the extent of my enjoyment in working with someone who has a similar passion for what I do. The beginning of my university degree has certainly added to my enthusiasm for learning and teaching, as this mutual interest for education has increased my desire to work in more collaborative environments, something which is key to the successful teaching and progression of child development. Although I still consider myself to be an independent learner something which I now also appreciate far more than I ever did is how positive the use of collaboration is towards education.

Furthermore, I have always had a drive and enthusiasm within me to persevere and achieve the most out of an educational experience that I can. Something that has greatly encouraged my desire to learn more was going on my first placement into a primary school. Having begun with little understanding as to what to expect, I left with the understanding of knowing that this was the profession that I wanted to go into. From this I have been driven to achieve as high as I can and achieve the most out of myself so that I can achieve the most out of as many children as possible.

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