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About this case study

The BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing course is a three year programme accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Upon successful completion, students will not only achieve their academic qualification, but a professional registration with NMC to legally practice as an adult nurse within the UK. The programme incorporates both theoretical and practical components, ensuring our students develop into confident and competent practitioners that are able to effectively utilise evidence based practice to provide high quality nursing care.

The programme’s first year focuses on foundation nursing skills, whilst second and third years allow for more specialised training in adult nursing practice. Each year includes four academic modules and two clinical placements; giving students the opportunity to link theoretical knowledge to safe clinical care.

The case study focuses on second year student nurses. At this point in their training, they have had opportunities to work alongside patients during clinical practice in either primary or secondary care settings, and will hopefully build upon these experiences and further enhance their knowledge and understanding. Observations for Cycle One were completed during a Year 2 / Level 5 module: Nursing Practice 2 (Adult). The module incorporates a patient centred approach to care delivery, and allows students to examine the common and complex issues relating to the care of a person living with acute and long term illness. The module includes a comprehensive overview of the pathophysiology of acute and long term disease, and encourages students to explore nursing assessment, treatment and management. Principles of medicine management are further developed within this module also. Additionally, the module team recognise that effective communication is an essential component of nursing, and supports students in developing communication skills for complex situations such as breaking bad news.

Case study participants

Staff members:

Lee Roberts

Stephanie Reynolds

Dion Smyth

Student researchers:

Jabar ‘Jay’ Hussain

Oliver Suppiah

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