Early Childhood Studies

About BA (Hones) Early Childhood Studies

This degree focuses on birth to 5 years, the early years of a child. A large part of the degree is looking at how different individuals: babies, children, parents and professionals interact with each other and support babies and children in achieving the best possible outcomes. The importance of relationships and clear communication is a thread throughout the three year degree. For example, working with a range of professionals from the voluntary, public and private sector in education, health and social care and understanding the importance of multi-disciplinary working. The theoretical and practical aspects of the degree are interwoven. Placement is an integral part of the degree programme, as the students need to understand the theory to help develop and lead good practice in early years. At the same time, they need to have good interpersonal skills so they can support and empower babies, young children and their families. The baby or child needs to be supported in a holistic manner, both from how professionals and families work together to ensuring that the baby or child’s individual needs are being met.

Case study participants

Staff members:

Paola Pedrelli

Zoe Lewis

Student researchers:

Burhana Khanum

Roxana Anton

Zainab Altaf

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