Adult nursing student Jabar Hussain Cycle 2 observation reflection

This cycle was more organised than the previous model where we were required to observe the lecturer in the ways and techniques of delivering a lecture session. This cycle we manly prioritised on our own emotions and feelings giving a report on the overall perception. It is a lot more effective for me to reflect on my own learning experience rather than criticise another individual on their performance. I felt that this cycle was more constructive to the previous. I would reflect on my knowledge, behaviour and feelings on my involvement and interaction with the lecture content.

Unfortunately, sickness has its restrictions and mine was that I had missed my 2ndobservation on Stephanie due to it. However, I liaised with my colleague and got updated on how the session went and if there was anything that he felt he needed to discuss.

I wanted to acknowledge my learning style and what I find helps and improves long-term memory. I have sat in on lectures where the lecturer reads from the screen of a Moodle tile, that I am also looking at and reading and I feel that this is an ineffective style of learning for me. Moodle is still a confusing area and I feel it needs to be made easier to access and locate information. I like to be involved in the sessions and enjoy brain activity stimulating exercises. I think students like myself would benefit from previous session reflections. Lecturers could allow students 10 to 15 minutes to participate in previous lesson review. I found that this type of technique beneficial and felt if this is applied throughout the course, students like me would appreciate the course structure in promoting learning.

Placing peers amongst other colleagues that they would not normally choose to work alongside can also be effective, since the sharing of a perspective can only add more knowledge to the chosen subject area. However, this can also have a negative effect as it can potentially restrict the interaction of some students when they are placed outside their comfort zone. Students normally only associate their study space amongst their friends and continue to associate with their friends. This session had no disturbances from other students, the class was very observant and participated well with the lecturer’s instructions.

The previous cycle had addressed the issue of how the environment can affect student learning, however this session had no disheartening conditions. The class was well populated with a mixture of adult ages. I usually tend to get along with adults more towards the middle age then the young ones since lecture attention criteria is paramount and I tactically seat myself among where I would find less distraction.

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