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Settling in – Freshers week

Freshers week is now well underway and our office in the Students’ Union is buzzing with students attending the Freshers Fayre today, along with a random assortment of strange characters wandering around in giant inflatable costumes.   The event is organised by the Students’ Union and it’s a great opportunity to find out what’s going on within the University and around Birmingham in general.  Students can sign up to get involved in one of the many sports teams or societies within the University and there is loads of free stuff on offer as local bars, clubs and sporting and leisure venues all queue up to promote themselves to this year’s intake of new students.  Today’s goodie bag haul included free bowling tickets, baked beans (!) and posters from the Ikon gallery.

If you are new to student life in Birmingham or are thinking of studying here next year and want to find out what’s going on in the city then take a look at Keisha Thomson’s guide to the music and arts scene.  Keisha is a Birmingham City University student with a blog at Birmingham Live and Learn