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PGCE Live Web Chat – 2nd September 2010

Simon Spencer, Course Director of the Secondary Education PGCE programmes in the Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences is joining the panel of experts taking part in a live Guardian web chat on 2nd September between 1pm until 4pm. The theme is ‘Acing your teacher Training’ and the discussion will be centred around the question ‘What does it take to be top of the class as a trainee teacher?’ This should appeal to anyone interested in starting an initial teacher training course or indeed currently training to be a teacher. Questions can be posted online at the Guardian site.

Simon Spencer is the PGCE Secondary Course Director at Birmingham City University, training teachers in a range of secondary school subject routes with a particular emphasis on arts subjects.  Prior to that he worked for 17 years in secondary and further education as a head of department.  Simon’s subject specialism is drama and theatre.

Graduate options: considering postgraduate study

Postgraduate study can provide a rewarding and exciting route to developing yourself personally, academically or professionally. There can be a whole host of reasons as to why those who decide to take up further study choose to do so at different stages of their lives.

However you arrive at a decision to study, it’s important that you are comfortable with any decision you reach, considering the full range of options available to you in terms of course selection, institution and funding.

Finding a suitable course

There are a myriad of course options available to prospective students. Think about what you want to get out of postgraduate study. Do you want to enhance your knowledge in a subject related to your bachelor’s degree? Are you seeking a course which will provide a professionally recognised qualification in a particular area? Do you want to change direction completely? You need to ask yourself as many questions as you need to in order to draw out relevant information on which you can base your decision. Continue reading Graduate options: considering postgraduate study

Early application deadline reminder for PGCE Primary courses

Prospective students wishing to apply for PGCE Primary Education and Early Years courses are reminded that the deadline for receipt of applications for courses commencing next September is 1st December 2008.

Applications are made through the Graduate Teacher Training Registry website at www.gttr.ac.uk.

Teaching Maths – it adds up to a rewarding career


In the current climate of economic uncertaintly teaching is becoming an increasingly popular career choice for all kinds of people.  Many people come to teaching later in life looking for a more satisfying career, whether it be in primary or secondary schools, or in colleges of further education.  Teaching maths in secondary schools is a particularly important and challenging role and it is a subject area that attracts career changers from a number of different professions.  At Birmingham City University we have trained former accountants, financial advisors, banking clerks and engineers to become successfully qualified maths teachers. Continue reading Teaching Maths – it adds up to a rewarding career

Teacher Training: Information and Resources for Prospective Students

Teaching is a highly an enjoyable and thoroughly rewarding career for those who are motivated by helping others to learn and develop in an educational environment. The teaching profession offers a competitive starting salary for newly qualified teachers, opportunities for career progression into more senior teaching or management roles and the chance to make a real difference to the lives of those whom they teach.

There are specific routes to qualifying as a teacher depending on the sector individuals wish to teach in. The information detailed below is intended as a general guide to teacher training courses so it’s important that, whichever course you choose to apply for, you carefully research individual course providers’ requirements to ensure that you have a good understanding of their individual entry criteria.

Early Years and Primary Education

Early Years and Primary teaching can be studied for through an initial teacher training qualification as a BA or BEd degree which leads to Qualified Teacher Status. Continue reading Teacher Training: Information and Resources for Prospective Students

Applying for PGCE courses commencing in 2009

If you’re planning to apply for a PGCE initial teacher training course commencing in September 2009, applications can now be submitted through the Graduate Teacher Training Registry (GTTR). Applications should be made online at www.gttr.ac.uk.

Deadlines for applications are as follows:

  • 1st December 2008: Primary and Early Years courses for ‘on time’ applications. Applications received after this date up until 30th June 2009 will only be sent to universities if they have remaining vacancies on the course.
  • 30th June 2009: Last date for receipt of applications for PGCE courses at Secondary and Post-Compulsory Education and Training level.

Due to the popularity of PGCE courses in areas such as Primary and Early Years teaching, early applications are advisable – don’t wait for the deadline to creep up before making your application, as places on these courses are often being filled throughout the autumn. Whilst Secondary and Post-Compulsory Education and Training PGCE courses have a more flexible deadline, it’s worth bearing in mind that popular specialist subject areas, such as Art & Design, can fill quickly, so you should apply as early on in the application cycle as possible to be in a good position to be considered for your chosen courses.

Up-to-date vacancy information for PGCE courses can be found on the GTTR website.