Parents’ Guide

Parent’s Guide | Part 7: The first few weeks at university

In the final part of our Parents’ Guide series, a Choices adviser looks at the initial period following your son or daughter starting their University course. This is a time of adjustment for both you as a parent and your son or daughter. The silence at home will be an unusual sensation; the reduced need […]

Parents’ Guide | Part 6: Arriving at University

So, you’ve got through the seemingly endless paperwork of university applications and student finance forms, you’ve done the rounds of university open days, you’ve experienced the nerve-wracking exam results day and now, quite possibly, feel as if you’ve spent a small fortune on kitting your son or daughter out in preparation for them starting their […]

Parents’ Guide | Part 5: The Final Checklist

Have you forgotten anything? Here are a few things you should act upon now if you’ve not already completed them: Student finance forms completed? Accommodation application completed? Place confirmed? Course commencement details received? Exam certificates/ results received? Accommodation confirmed? Student bank account? Insurance arranged? TV licence acquired? Basic living items purchased? (If living away from home) […]

Parents’ Guide | Part 4: preparing your son or daughter to move away from home

If you’re wondering where to begin with equipping your son or daughter with the basics, part four of our Parents’ Guide series provides some ideas about what students moving away from home may need.

Parents’ Guide | Part 3: Before your son or daughter arrives

Part three of our Parents’ Guide series looks at things you’ll need to arrange before your son or daughter starts university. Open a student bank account Do some research into the different options and deals on offer and consider which one can offer the most to your son or daughter in the long term. Some […]

Parents’ Guide | Part 2: In advance – the paperwork

In the second part of our Parents’ Guide series, we look at some of the paperwork you’ll need to consider completing for your son or daughter’s course. Student finance forms Student finance forms for tuition fee loans and maintenance grants and loans are usually completed from March onwards but application forms for support can be […]

Parents’ Guide | Part 1: In advance – number crunching

In the first part of our Parents’ Guide series, a Choices adviser looks at sources of information you can use to find out more about funding options for undergraduate courses. Looking at option for financial support to study a degree often seems like a jungle with loans for fees, loans and grants for maintenance and bursaries all […]