Insight Out needs creative graduates with good ideas

If you graduated between 2007 and 2009 from any course at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design or a Performance, Media & English degree then the Insight Out course could be the springboard for managing and launching your career in the creative industries.

Times are tough for graduates at the moment, but if you have an amazing creative idea that you want to explore there should be nothing to stop you applying for this 5 week Insight Out: Managing a Portfolio Career programme, designed with fresh new entrepreneurs in mind.

The trend for graduates from creative degrees is to enter into ‘a job contract, self-employment and portfolio working, the choices for art and design graduates.’ (Source:, Art & Design graduates: what to expect after graduation) Portfolio working is essentially juggling a series of part time or freelance roles with full or part time paid work, that leaves little time to use your talents and skills to their maximum potential.

With some planning and the right knowledge of the available support when you first start out in your career, a balance between what you love and what you need to do to financially support yourself can be achieved. This course explores the benefits that can be achieved through tools such as mentoring, investigative thinking, the development of entrepreneurial skills and attributes such as confidence, developing a collaborative approach, creative problem solving, taking initiative, and the all important networking!

Successful applicants can receive up to £850 for attending and completing the course.

Further details can be found on the website or you can call 0121 204 9887 to chat to the team.

One thought on “Insight Out needs creative graduates with good ideas

  1. This is amazing! I did a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Fine At and in the 4 years we had zero training, help or advice on careers! This was nearly 10 years ago so maybe things have changed but this course sounds really great! One has to ask though, why not integrate this sort of training into the degree or MA?

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