UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra allows applicants who’ve used up all their choices on the UCAS application form and have not secured an offer of a place with these choices an additional chance to be considered for another course or university before Clearing starts.

It allows eligible applicants to approach individual universities to see if they can be accepted onto a course there.

To be eligible to use Extra you need to have:

• already made five choices;
• received decisions from all these choices; and
• either had no offers or declined all the offers you have received.

UCAS created the Extra scheme to specifically help those who are still seeking places to try and avoid having to go through Clearing if at all possible.

How to use Extra

Once you have received decisions back from all five of your choices, if you’ve not been offered a place or have declined any offers you’ve been made, Extra takes place between February and late June.

Once you have your UCAS Extra reference number, you can then contact the universities with these details and ask them to consider your application. The university you’re interested in will need your UCAS Extra reference number if they decide they wish to consider your application form – this allows them to prove to UCAS that you’ve expressed an interest in that university and given permission for them to see your application.

Once the university has had the opportunity to review your application, a decision will then be relayed to you.

What happens next?

If the university decides to offer you a place, you must decide whether or not you wish to accept the offer. If you accept the offer, you are not then permitted to be considered for any other courses or universities through UCAS Extra.

If you decline the offer, you can still see if you can be accepted onto other courses. If you’ve not secured a place by the end of June when the Extra period finishes, you may then need to consider using Clearing if you still wish to find a place for a course commencing that September.

I’ve heard back from all of my choices and am now have received offers. Can I find out if I another university will accept me and then use Extra to secure a place with them?

No. You are not permitted to apply to other courses and/or universities if you are already holding an offer of a place. If you decide that you no longer wish to hold the offer/s you have been made and wish to be considered for another course or university, you will have to turn down your offers and enter Extra. This means that you have to take the risk of possibly not being offered a place through extra although you had received offers previously.

Universities are not permitted to consider applicants if they are holding offers elsewhere – and Extra is not a quick and easy way of hedging your bets to see if there’s any chance of swapping courses if you change your mind about what you originally applied for.

What courses are available through UCAS Extra?

You can find out more about using Extra on the UCAS website. To check the availability of places on courses at Birmingham City University contact Choices on 0121 331 5595 or e-mail us.

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