The Creative Talent Directory

With finding work becoming more important than ever, Birmingham City University’s Media Content Lab have recently relaunched Media Talent Bank, a supportive new website to help businesses in the creative industries source talent and freelancers to find work.

The freshly revamped website allows businesses and creatives to upload a profile, CV and portfolio onto an online directory which can easily be browsed by potential employers or collaborators.  There is also a dedicated ‘Jobs’ page.

“Media Talent Bank has been designed to help break down some of the barriers to the creative and media industries,” says administrator David Allen.  “Although run from Birmingham, the site acts as a platform for creative workers from across the UK to actively promote themselves, as well as allowing businesses both within and outside the sector to efficiently find skilled freelancers to work with.”

The site is currently on the look-out for creative industry professionals interested in contributing to the Media Talent Bank blog.  Those interested in becoming a voluntary blogger or finding out more should contact or telephone David Allen on 0121 204 9886.

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