Teaching Maths – it adds up to a rewarding career


In the current climate of economic uncertaintly teaching is becoming an increasingly popular career choice for all kinds of people.  Many people come to teaching later in life looking for a more satisfying career, whether it be in primary or secondary schools, or in colleges of further education.  Teaching maths in secondary schools is a particularly important and challenging role and it is a subject area that attracts career changers from a number of different professions.  At Birmingham City University we have trained former accountants, financial advisors, banking clerks and engineers to become successfully qualified maths teachers.

‘My thoughts of maths teaching being all ‘chalk and talk’ have gone forever.  My first half term has flown by and has been a great experience – making new friends, learning from each other, appreciating how exciting maths is and starting my new career in a positive manner.  Would I change all this for my previous professional job? No way!’ 

Howard Wright, PGCE Secondary Maths student and former chartered accountant.

Perhaps you too are seriously thinking about changing your career and believe you have the necessary skills to become a  maths teacher, or maybe you are a recent graduate whose degree included some but not enough maths content to gain direct entry onto a secondary maths teacher training course?  If this is the case we can help you to achieve your goal.  In addition to our oneyear full-time PGCE Secondary Maths course we are launching a brand new Maths Extension Course starting in January 2009.  This six month full time course is specifically designed to help individuals such as career changers to gain enough maths and pedagogical experience to enable them to gain entry onto a PGCE Secondary Maths course.  It wil provide you with the extra support and skills you may need to get your maths teaching career off the ground.

Successful completion of the Maths Extension Course will guarantee a place on a PGCE course.  There are no course fees and participants will receive a tax free bursary of £225 per week for the duration of the course.

So, if you have a passion and aptitude form mathematics, but not necessarily a degree in the subject area, and you think teaching maths in secondary schools is for you then please contact us as soon as possible so we can advise you.

To find our more visit www.bcu.ac.uk/education , call 0121 331 7300 or e-mail education@bcu.ac.uk


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