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There’s still time to find a place on a degree course this September

There are still vacancies on a variety of courses available through Clearing for September 2008 entry at Birmingham City University.

A variety of diverse undergraduate courses within the field of business are currently available. Both single and joint honours courses offer students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge which are valued by employers. From gaining knowledge and understanding in areas such as accountancy, finance, management, marketing and human resources to developing personal skills in teamwork, presentation techniques and critical thinking, these degree courses also offer great opportunities for students to undertake an industrial placement year or study abroad for a semester.

Undergraduate courses in engineering are on offer to suitably qualified applicants who are seeking to study a BEng degree at an innovative and well regarded establishment. Many of our engineering degrees offered at our Faculty of Technology, Innovation and Development incorporate professional accreditation from the Institute of Engineering and Technology. We offer programmes with IET accreditation in automotive, mechanical, electronic, manufacturing systems and telecommunications and networks engineering.

A foundation year course is also available to those who may not quite meet the entry requirements to gain entry directly to the degree programme, providing an alternative route for suitable preparatory study to progress onto a degree after successful completion.

We’re still recruiting for the BSc (Hons) Health and Well-being course, a great course to consider if you’re interested in healthcare. With four specialist pathways in Health and Well-being, Exercise Science, Nutrition Science and Individuals and Communities, there are a host of career opportunities within health and social care for graduates of this course. Graduates may move onto employment within areas as varied as youth work, nutritional advice or sports therapies depending upon the pathway they have studied. There are also options for graduates to continue studying for a Graduate Diploma course in Nursing or Social Work, or training to become a teacher through a PGCE course.

Many other courses are still available if you want to start a degree this year. Search our online Clearing Database, view the full list of available courses or call the Clearing Hotline on 0121 331 6777 for details of all remaining vacancies at Birmingham City University.

Inside the Clearing Hotline Room – results day!

Our guest blogger, Richard Hughes, is in the midst of things today and will be posting regular updates throughout the day. Here he is with part two of his report from the clearing hotline room.

It’s half nine in the clearing room and things are well under way.

It’s the second time I’ve manned the clearing hotline. Even with a twelve month gap it only takes a couple of calls to get back in the swing.

There are only about ten of us in the room at the moment as things don’t really hot up until after nine. Things are far from quiet this morning though – not least because my phone rings so loud it’s making the desk shake. Personally, this isn’t a bad thing as the shock is helping to overcome the lack of sleep brought on by today’s early start!

There’s a full range of calls coming in so far. Not just people who’ve got A level results today, but people who’ve been told, mistakenly, to contact us for results, people who haven’t already applied to UCAS and I’ve just had a call from someone who wants to do one of our professional marketing qualifications!

Back to it!

Holy Moly!

It’s now half two and the Clearing helpline has been absolutely relentless! Last year calls peaked at between 9 and 11am, but all day today has been busier than at any point last year. What HAS dropped off is the level of service we were getting this morning from the people who were fetching the brews! Tammy – we need you back!

It’s nearly four o’clock and things have started to calm down. It’s been a pretty intense day, with everyone constantly on the phone, and I mean constantly. Off home for me but some of my colleagues will be here until 8 o’clock tonight and we’ll all be back to it tomorrow!

Inside the Clearing Hotline Room – T minus 17 hours…

Today our guest blogger, Marketing Officer Richard Hughes, reports on the build up to Clearing from the Clearing Hotline Room.

It’s the day before A level results day and the anticipation is building within the University’s marketing and communications department just as it is for those expecting results.

Not that what happens tomorrow is as significant for us as individuals as it is for prospective students, but as a marketing unit, and a university as a whole, it’s the culmination of a huge amount of work.

The effort to recruit students for September 2008 has been going on covertly for about a year.  If you consider our presence at higher education exhibitions, UCAS fairs and work with schools it’s really been going on for a couple of years.  And it all comes to a head tomorrow. Continue reading Inside the Clearing Hotline Room – T minus 17 hours…

Psychology at Birmingham City University

The brand new BSc (Hons) Psychology course offers a fascinating programme of study with the options for students to follow specialist studies tailored towards health psychology, criminal and forensic psychology, business and organisational psychology and research and psychology on a full-time basis.

Tutors on the course are all British Psychological Society accredited and there has been a significant investment in brand new psychology labs for our students to benefit from. Students also have the opportunity to undertake valuable work experience as an integral part of the course. The placement element of the course allows students to gain relevant experience in an area relating to the specialist themes we offer. It’s very much an applied and professionally relevant programme providing graduates with solid academic and practical knowledge to progress in the field of psychology. You can find out more about this course on the main university website here.

Top 10 Clearing Tips

Here at Choices we’ve helped thousands of students to explore their options and make the right decision about higher education. We work alongside clearing helpline staff and admissions tutors to help students find their way through the Clearing process and secure a place at university.

Here are our top ten tips for surviving Clearing and finding the course that’s right for you.

1 Don’t Panic!
If your exam results are not quite as good as you expected remember to keep calm; the right course for you may still be out there. There’s a good chance that you will be able to secure a place at university through Clearing. Last year over 30,000 (that’s around 1 in 5) university places were found through Clearing! You are certainly not alone and you have some excellent options awaiting you.

If you narrowly miss the grades you require you should check the status of your application on UCAS track before you start ringing universities to enquire about places on alternative courses through Clearing. In some cases if you are only a few UCAS tariff points short of the required grades the university may still be able to confirm your place, but this will be at the discretion of the admissions tutor. Continue reading Top 10 Clearing Tips