Seven games for guilt-free revision breaks

You’ve probably been told hundreds of times, it’s never too early to start revising. While we absolutely believe in the importance of getting work done, everyone is entitled to a break now and then! If you’re looking for some entertainment without the guilt of ‘I should really be revising’, check out our recommendations for computer games you can play that almost pass as Uni work.

screenshot of the sims

The Sims

There are four generations of The Sims games now, and countless expansion packs, modifications and upgrades. We almost left The Sims off this list, because while you might spend a few hours crafting and constructing the perfect mansion with a pool and a hedgerow maze (which is obviously great architecture experience), it’s all too easy to lose entire days creating elaborate storylines, careers and families for your Sims, and we shouldn’t really condone that.

screenshot of powerup game


Here’s one for the electronic engineers: A physics-based puzzle game where the objective is to drag the metal shapes around to complete the circuit and transfer power from one robot to another. This game takes logic and a fair amount of patience, especially as some of the physics is a bit questionable at times!

screenshot of pattern sketch

Pattern Sketch

As Music Technology students will know, there are lots of drum machine and sound simulators out there: you can work out your next big hit, or just have fun experimenting with the sounds and patterns. Or take out some coursework-related frustration and make the worst racket possible (just a suggestion!).

screenshot of tone matrix


This game is similar to Pattern Sketch above, except it doesn’t seem possible to make a horrible noise with it. Perhaps this is best used for relaxing, and seeing what your name sounds like in pixel form.

screenshot of minecraft


You’re probably already familiar with Minecraft, the second best-selling video game of all time (we’ll get to the best-seller in a moment). Build, explore and create; the possibilities here for construction, engineering, and even computing are endless. Many people have commented that the game is ‘basically a CAD program’ and it’s even being used in schools to teach children about history, science and programming.

screenshot of tetris

Tetris (the best-selling video game of all time)

This is a bit of a stretch, because generally when you’re constructing a wall in real life, it doesn’t disappear as soon as it’s finished. But it’s a good choice if you’ve got a few minutes to fill.

monopoly gamer edition


Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t mention everyone’s favourite real estate game, Monopoly! Whether you play online or you’ve got one of the obscure special edition games (Metallica Rock Band Monopoly anyone?), you can definitely call sending your friends to jail for not paying their rent ‘industry experience’.

We hope you enjoy our game recommendations (in between the revision and coursework of course!). Found a CEBE game that didn’t make this list? Send us a tweet and let us know!