Reimagining the Silver Screen

by Magdalena Nawrocka, BSc Film Production Technology student.

In a city dominated by multiplexes, it is often difficult to find places to watch less mainstream films, relax in the right atmosphere and discover movies that you just wouldn’t discover from the billboards. Add to it the not-so-big student budget, the access to independent cinema in Birmingham is extremely narrow, especially in the City Centre. Not so long ago the only choice was The Electric Cinema, although after the recent price increase, it may not be as attractive as it used to be. A rightful rival appeared on the horizon: The Mockingbird Cinema & Kitchen.

Mockingbird Cinema Sign
Mockingbird Cinema

The very young and small cinema, located in the artistic centre of Birmingham – The Custard Factory, seems to be one of the most promising places for those interested in film. Although it is small (just one screen!), since refurbishment this November, The Mockingbird decided to show some mainstream films alongside its usual movie listings. It may not be the best choice for huge blockbusters, but if you value the atmosphere and treat going to the cinema as an artistic experience, it might be an excellent place to discover something new and let yourself get lost in the magic of the silver screen. The Mockingbird also holds screenings of some older films and classics – this March you have a chance to see Akira (1988) on the big screen for less than £5!

The “kitchen” cannot be forgotten either- the menu is absolutely amazing, and students will surely be interested in the 2-for-1 offer on Tuesdays. An ideal way to spend an evening – watch a film and discuss it over the half-price burgers. Of course, there are several vegetarian and vegan options available too. All food is served daily until 9pm, so even if you decide not to treat yourself to a movie, there’s still the option of a fantastic dinner out available.

The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen is a good change for anyone bored of multiplexes smelling of popcorn and sparkling soda, and those seeking something fresh but still affordable that both blockbuster fans and art-house geeks will find enjoyable. This retro place in the heart of creative Birmingham might be a perfect idea for a date, afternoon with friends or a personal “treat yourself” evening, with an extraordinary and very unique cinematic experience.



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