Seven games for guilt-free revision breaks

The winter break is almost upon us! And it comes with the much-needed chance to catch up with revision, finish off odd bits of coursework, or start planning next year’s projects.

While we absolutely believe in the importance of getting work done, everyone is entitled to a break now and then! If you’re looking for some entertainment without the guilt of ‘I should really be revising’, check out our recommendations for computer games you can play that almost pass as Uni work.

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Cyber Security Summit and Expo 2017

by Darren Prosser, BSc Computer Forensics student.

Cyber security is a significant subject in today’s society, and it has a powerful impact on businesses and citizens of the world. It’s easy to forget the importance of cyber security, but we all play an important role in protecting each other in this area.

Last month, I visited the Cyber Security Summit and Expo at the Business Design Centre in London, along with my fellow third-year Computer Forensics students. We had the opportunity to meet the elite of the cyber world and get inside knowledge of how businesses and government organisations implement the latest security protection on their systems, in order to keep the citizens of Britain safe.

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Sticky Note Pixel Art!

by George Everett, Faculty Web Assistant and BSc Digital Media Technology Student.

Some mysterious artwork has started to appear around the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment’s (CEBE) new Project Space at Millennium Point. At a glance, they can be mistaken for huge colourful decals but look again as they are in fact assortments of sticky notes cleverly arranged to create quirky Computing and Digital Technology-inspired murals. The pieces, whilst low-resolution and basic, are in fact rather intricate in design and have required careful planning and thinking from CEBE students who are making the most of the new project space which has been designed specially for team-working on CEBE projects.

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My Placement Year: The First Few Months

by Sophie Vernon, BSc Motorsports Technology student.

Hello everyone! I’m Sophie and I’m a placement student currently working within a precision engineering company in Birmingham called Brandauer. Many students work in design engineering during their placement, but I wanted to do something different than what I’m used to at University. So, when I went on placement, I chose a role as a Continuous Improvement Engineer.

Essentially my role involves working on projects to improve various areas of the business. I work across all departments with every member of the company, and seeing how every department operates has already given me in depth knowledge of the industry. I’ve also found the role very rewarding as I see immediate effects after putting my projects in place. Don’t get me wrong, in no way is it easy to change the way people think and work, but once you get the ball rolling people become less afraid of change and more willing to embrace it.

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The Benefits of a Placement Year

by Shanna Hardy, Employability Programme Officer.

Entering higher education is an important stepping stone in reaching your career aspirations, goals and dreams. But do you know that leaving university with employability skills is just as important? If you were a hiring manager looking to fill a sought-after position within your organisation, who would you chose? Graduate A, who’s worked in industry during their studies, understands the pressures of working life, and can hit the ground running, or Graduate B, who has little or no evidence of how to handle job specific tasks and has not yet entered what we all refer to as ‘the real world’?

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HackTheMidlands at Birmingham City University

by Dan Hind, BSc Computer Games Technology student.

Last month I attended HackTheMidlands here in the heart of Birmingham City University at Millennium Point. HackTheMidlands is a 24 hour hackathon for people of all skills to come together and make something innovative over the course of the weekend.

So what is a hackathon? The official student hackathon league, Major League Hacking, describe a hackathon as an “invention marathon” where “students can augment skills learned in the classroom by teaching themselves how to independently research new technologies and fix problems they encounter”. So in essence, people of all specialties come together to make software and hardware under a time constraint to solve challenges and meet criteria set out by event hosts and sponsors.

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Student Societies: BCU Racing

BCU Racing is a student-led team that competes in the Formula Student Challenge in July each year. Formula Student is an event run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and over 150 teams from all across the world have the chance to design, build, and race their cars at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix. 2018 is the 20th anniversary of the Formula Student event, so it’s an exciting time to get involved!

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The strength to last the distance

by Richard Blagrove, Course Leader and Senior Lecturer for BSc Sport and Exercise Science.

In October, our engineering lecturer Laura will be taking part in her first marathon, the Birmingham Marathon, which finishes outside our Faculty home Millennium Point. In her last post, Laura explained what made her decide to take on this challenge. Today we have a guest post from Richard, from the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences here at Birmingham City University. Richard has been helping Laura train for the big day.

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Moving to Birmingham City University

by Dan Hind, BSc Computer Games Technology student. 

The weeks leading up to moving were crazy and full of panic. I was excited to be moving to Birmingham to study Computer Games Technology but at the same time anxious to move from home. After massively overpacking and only just managing to squeeze everything into the back of the car we left the small seaside village of Felpham and set off for the growing city of Birmingham. The road trip took just over three hours but on Friday 8 September at 10am I arrived at my new home here in the heart of Birmingham.

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