Studying Architectural Technology at BCU has been the best decision I have made

by Sagal Rooble

AT_BSBE_Blog29Recently graduating from Birmingham City University I have been exposed to the Architecture/Construction working environment right away. It’s been already four months since starting work and wow time has flown by so quickly before my eyes. I am happier than ever with the progress that I have been making for the past few months. This has been a great learning curve for me transitioning from a student to a professional in the construction industry. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to start with right after graduating. The transition from being a student to a training professional in the Architecture/Construction industry has been a real eye opener.

29 Quote1 The support has been amazing; building my construction knowledge alongside using Revit 2016 has been a very beneficial skill that I have transferred from University. I am able to use my skills to work on multi-storey housing, new built, refurbishments, commercial units and many other construction projects. I have been one of the lucky ones to find employment before completing my course. This goes back to a job advertisement sent by one of my lecturers to which I responded. The university has always put opportunities for students to make use of whilst studying. One of the opportunities that I had was to be mentored by an effective professional already in practice. At the time of applying for the position I knew it would be the ideal way to learn what exactly happens in industry that couldn’t quite be learned in the classroom. My mentor also went the extra mile to look over my CV and sent it to his contacts he had in industry – this was like a dream come true.

29 Quote 2Having an industry-based mentor was the ideal way to go about things in my final year at university. My mentor supported me on employability and even helping me get a placement. Luckily I was able to get a placement at Broadway Malayan Architects for 2 weeks right after completing university. During my placement I had learnt a lot about the development process of a project, the professional skills involved and even created models in Revit which I was excited about due to my Revit skill set. Towards the end of my placement I received great feedback and Broadway Malayan Architects decided to keep my record on file for future opportunities.

Apart from mentoring sessions I was also advised to attend some training to get the right employability skills set to become more attractive to employers. These training sessions were provided by the Aspire Mentoring scheme of the Birmingham’s Future’s set up to keep Birmingham’s talent in Birmingham (

29 Quote 3The university lecturers have been so supportive in preparing me for employment and alerting final year students to job opportunities. I have always been the type of person to take advantage of all opportunities that have come my way during my studies. These opportunities have opened many doors on my degree journey, for example, working as a student ambassador at BCU has helped me with my presentation skills and communication as I engaged with future students and their families on open days. Working as a welcoming mentor has also allowed me to communicate with students through my own experience studying at the university which I believe helped them make a better decision hearing from a student who going through the process.

My overall experience has taught me how my decision to study architectural technology at Birmingham City University has been the best decision I have made ever. The construction industry is going through a huge transition with BIM (Building Information Modelling) which is a promising approach for different professions related to the design and construction process of a project. Professionals such as Architectural Technologists, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors all seek the advantages of BIM services and see it as a very effective tool. Learning about BIM at BCU has put graduates like me in a great position in terms of employability.

Sagal Rooble is 23, and a recent graduate in Architectural Technology from Birmingham City University. She now works at Life Space Design.

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