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PULPA III – Anna-Katarzyna-Domejko (MA Fine Art)

Visual information comes to us filtered through different channels. This filtering has become direct inspiration for the art work. For some of the paintings the information was filtered and filtered again through Domejko’s position of observation until it lost the previous meaning and became a oneiric hallucination or, visible whilst fully awake. This type of visual surface can create an experience, to evoke new conditions. The works constitute personal records of the everyday and a mix of political, cultural and private events, which on first impression are not related. The

Unreal selection contains over 300 watercolour paintings. She planned to research the changing form of the pictures, her perception, the memory of the today’s important events as well as the change of her position to these events.

Anna’s work can be seen at PULPA III, a collaborative exhibition showing practice-led BA/MA/PhD students and invited artists and staff studying at Birmingham School of Art in R.K. Burt Gallery, London. 6-14th April 17

Ink on paper, 40 x 50 cm

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