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Becoming//Unlike – SoA Collective II

Becoming//Unlike: A SoA Collective exhibition curated by BA Fine Art students Tony McClure, Vincent Stokes and Leanne O’Connor in Association with Roma Piotrowska of the IKON gallery.


The frame
generates aura spectacle fantasy
acts as a gateway for the viewer to peer
into the world of the artist

The frame
encloses art presents art suffocates art
keeps art standing still

to dissimilate the frame is:
to drag art out
to break down tradition into fragments
to decompose historical aesthetics
to create instead an indulgence

a formal dismissal of assembly

Becoming // Unlike is a sensual breakdown of
existing borders between the spectator and the
artwork. Removing the frames reinvents the
gallery into a kaleidoscopic projection of
colour, form, identity, culture and

To become unlike is not to be what once was.
We invite you into a field of spilling images,
unconfined and unframed.
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