Thursday 20th February

“The project Heterophobia has been extremely rewarding so far and I am extremely excited for the show itself and to see how the message is perceived by audiences. I actively stand for the messages we wish to portray throughout the project and believe that every individual should be able to embrace their own identity no matter where they live in the world. As director, Hannah has the overall creative decision of the piece itself however gives the company an equal say in the devising process setting up tasks for us to stimulate material for the piece itself. There is a real sense of ‘ensemble creativity’ which not many actors within a company get the chance to experience when devising. The highlight so far has to be the work we have done around character and each rehearsal I am discovering new and exciting information about my character ‘Jason’ and I look forward to seeing how much further he will progress as a character throughout”.


Richard Reilly – member of the cast of Heterophobia, second year Applied Performance student at Birmingham School of Acting.