As I go to reflect on the project, the fact that heterophobia, as a word, is a predominantly unrecognised word other than on Urban Dictionary, whereas homophobia is a vastly recognised word, surely announces in it’s own right that there lies a problem surrounding prejudice and sexuality. It only confirms, for me, the fact that heterophobia doesn’t exist whereas homophobia does. I am not in any way suggesting the fact that heterophobia not existing is a negative but am confirming the fact that homophobia is very present and therefor a huge issue within our society today. This confirms further my passion and total commitment to this incredibly exiting, current and needed project.

Heterophobia could not be more relevant.

An issue discussed in todays rehearsal space through a Value Continuum exercise facilitated by our director, Hannah, was the use of the term ‘straight’ to describe someone’s sexual orientation. For me, the term ‘straight’ being used to describe someone’s sexuality, is a term I have real issues with due to its opposing term being ‘bent’, a terminology I totally disagree with. The fact that the oxford dictionary’s definition of ‘bent’ is “dishonest; corrupt: a bent cop” ( deems this word/term for me completely derogatory. It is due to this that I therefor cannot accept the term ‘straight’ as the pair lie hand in hand and if it were the opposing term, surely it would deem that sexuality, the ‘straight’ sexuality, the more ‘acceptable’ and less “corrupt” of the two.