Monday 24th February

The scene due to be filmed tomorrow at SafeSide experiential learning centre ( was devised in today’s rehearsal along with some more intimate scenes which will follow the pre recorded film, delving deeper into the plot of Heterophobia.


“We have been working in The Drum studio space for a while now and every time I go there, I feel the development of the piece and of my character furthering. As a company member adapting to this space, it allows my character to develop further as I have to adapt to the larger space and bring more presence forward.

In parts of today’s rehearsal, we had to devise a scene in which you see the relationship of Ryan and Alice grow, where Alice and Billie’s relationship changes and where Daniella’s feelings for Billie unfold further. Together, as a group alongside Hannah, we devised the scene, which starts by exiting the bus and entering the street. It perfectly captures Alice’s frustration and confusion with herself, her peers and her sexuality.

Whilst devising this, the characters were aloud to play around with scenario and the words they chose to use in order to find the true essence of the scene”.

Lauren Naomi Hutchinson– member of the cast of Heterophobia, second year Applied Performance student at Birmingham School of Acting.