Friday 10th January 2014

“At twenty years old, having met someone that I would happily spend the rest of my life with, being head over heels and all the romantic stuff, you would think that two years ago, at the legal age of eighteen, I could have tied the knot with this person right? Wrong. At the age of twenty I am only just allowed to marry. This isn’t because of my age, my parent’s denial or my lack of good reason… Until 2013 I did not have the choice to marry because I AM GAY. To some people, not being able to marry may not seem like much of an issue but, what about if I word it differently? For a large proportion of our population the freedom of choice wasn’t applicable, and still isn’t in many countries. Why, in a world that is so capable of development, proven by how drastically technology has spiraled into a forever developing whirlwind due to the growing and expanding minds of humanity, are a large proportion of our human race still battling to be considered equal? This is why I am completely committed to Heterophobia and the message it brings to our younger generation”.

Kirstie Amber Mahon – member of the cast of Heterophobia, second year Applied Performance student at Birmingham School of Acting. 


“In this world we are all equal, we all have a say, we all listen and we all care, right? Wrong! In this world, our world, no one is equal, money rules above intellect, people are famed for their looks not for their triumphs, and gender, race, religion, class and sexual orientation are labels given to classify the masses. No one is individual because no one avoids classification. Few listen and even fewer care. Those in power do little for fear of disturbing the ‘natural order of things’. One man rules over another without the knowledge of the needs of the ‘lesser man’. Discrimination, whilst illegal, is still a daily occurrence. One bullies another because of differences. Countries go to war over laws and religion. Governments are filled with idiots given titles because of their heritage and class. Two people doing the same job are paid differently because of gender. People in the streets fight because of different races, religions, beliefs and even because they live in separate locations. People are labeled ‘bent’ meaning broken and somehow less than whole because of their sexual orientation.

It astounds me that in the 21st century, our world still suffers from backward thinking medieval attitudes. These mindsets are a direct result of our world’s ignorance towards others. It is because of this ignorance that I feel knowledge and therefore education is key. My views, as stated above, mean that I am proud to call myself a cast member of Heterophobia, a cutting edge musical that challenges the attitudes and ignorance that are currently plaguing society today”.

George J Meredith – member of the cast of Heterophobia, second year Applied Performance student at Birmingham School of Acting.