Ellen page “Comes Out”

Ellen page “Comes Out” as being gay – http://variety.com/2014/film/news/ellen-page-announces-she-is-gay-1201105145/

Ellen Page


Hollywood is invasive and crushing, pushing its stereotypes onto young people in society and defining, on their behalf, how they should act and look and what they should be. Nobody should have to ‘hide’ who they truly are due to fear of scrutiny and comment, in the exact same way that nobody should have to ‘come out’ or proclaim who they are for the benefit of the society they live in. Labeling and boxing off people as this or that, in my opinion, is wrong. ‘Coming out’ in this day and age shouldn’t exist and scrutiny against another human being of any kind needs to be completely removed.


“I have never ‘come out’ but I am not hiding either. I believe that anyone who assumes the sexuality of another are nothing but ignorant to the world around them. The sad reality is that we are expected to declare our sexuality like breaking bad news if we are anything other than heterosexual. Why? Why are we considered heterosexual from birth until we consciously voice otherwise?”

Kirstie Amber Mahon – member of the cast of Heterophobia, second year Applied Performance student at Birmingham School of Acting.