Director – Hannah Phillips



Photo credit: Courtney Wallis Richardson, Year 2 Applied Performance ( student.

Hannah works with the company in total partnership. We are not only involved in the constant progression and development she takes the project through but are of partial influence to them as it is due to her constant collaboration with the people she works with as well as the continuous reassessing and addressing of issues that crop up, that this evolvement process takes place. The relationship we, as a company, have with Hannah is one which is open and honest, she has complete trust in the set of skills we all bring to the table and we have complete trust in her.


“I trust Hannah, as a director 100%. She uses everyone’s skills in the group to create the best piece of work that could possibly be created. I admire that she has a vision and sticks with it but never stops assessing and addressing new issues that occur during the process. As a director, Hannah keeps the energy of the group at a constant high and makes sure to keep us all informed about what is going on with the piece outside of rehearsals, such as tech problems or exciting new developments within the digital media aspect of the piece”.

Kirstie Amber Mahon – member of the cast of Heterophobia, second year Applied Performance student at Birmingham School of Acting.