‘Corrective’ rape


Clare Carter travelled across South Africa to photograph and interview the victims of this appalling crime. These are their stories –http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/crisis-in-south-africa-the-shocking-practice-of-corrective-rape–aimed-at-curing-lesbians-9033224.html

“After everything we’re going to do to you, you’re going to be a real woman, and you’re never going to act like this again” being used as words of justification to a young woman who was about to be ‘correctively’ raped is absolutely disgusting. How can you ‘cure’ someone of being gay? Being gay isn’t a disease or an illness, it isn’t something you choose and isn’t something that can be ‘corrected’ or knocked out of you. It just is. ‘Corrective’ rape is yet another vile and unacceptable thing happening in today’s society. Why is it so prominent and what are we doing in order to stop it?

Projects such as Heterophobia have such a relevant place within society today. Using social and political objectives in order to inform, educate and raise awareness of the issues we are currently facing is detrimental to change. If there is a lack of education when it comes to dealing with these issues, then how can change ever be brought about? Although immediate and collective change is something the world needs, it is projects such as Heterophobia that bring about the stepping stones into raising awareness amongst our younger generation and initiating change when it comes to vile prejudice in the world we live in.